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Title Insurance
A home is often the largest single investment any of us ever make.  Title insurance protects against loss of value from defects that may exist in the title.  If you are uninsured and your right to title is challanged, you could lose significant money defending yourself - you could even lose your home.
Prestige Title Agency, Inc. Services
At Prestige Title Agency, Inc. you will receive a personal client relationship.  Since we are a small firm, we have the capability of being flexible to schedules and are able to meet specific needs.  We have the added resources of our underwriter, Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. and their staff, who are an intricate part of our agency. 
Title Search
Before a policy is issued, we conduct in-depth research to detect, prevent and eliminate risk and losses caused by title problems.  We do this by searching public records to develop and document the chain of title to the property and by identifying all outstanding claims.
Real Estate Closing
Closing is the point where all the title research is completed, the mortgage is approved and all the paperwork is ready to be signed.  Once all of the documents have been signed, the funds disbursed and the deed and mortgage have been sent to recording, the transaction has "closed".  After the closing process is complete, the house is yours.  Welcome to home ownership!